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Making an ART out of science

3D Visualization Bureau Service

Make your next Multi-Disciplinary Design Review ‘go with a bang’ and maximise the vital contribution of all the expensive attendees. To see the specifics of how you can benefit from “double added value” visit our 3D Visualization Bureau Service page.

We understand that you want the benefits from new developments in 3D CAD, Simulation, Immersive VR or 3D Printing but without the hassle, cost and training. Let our 3D Visualization Bureau Service bridge the gap between you and the many potential suppliers by guiding you through the plethora of options and pulling all the steps together to deliver the right visualisation solution for you, within your budget.


We work closely with customers through all phases of a project but our key strengths and added value are in the following:

Systems Integration

We provide a truly multi-disciplinary approach and extensive experience working at the demanding interface where hardware meets software.

The best systems are greater than the sum of their parts. We strive to achieve the maximum system benefit in a robust whole and with the minimum of risk .

Multi-Disciplined Engineering

The people we use are qualified in at least two of each of the following: Mechanical, Electronic, Electrical, Control or Software Engineering. Modern electro-mechanical systems with software (Mechatronics) do not observe strict disciplinary boundaries – neither do we!


3D Mechanical Design, Simulation & Visualisation

Whether a single robotic cell or a brand new remote handling concept we ensure the whole will work together. Using 3D simulation tools we minimise risk and also ensure continuity through feasibility, design, training and implementation. Visit our 3D Visualisation Bureau Service page to see how you can go beyond this to immerse yourself in the cell with VR or hold a scale model in your hand with 3D Printing.

Software Engineering

Whether high or low level software it will always be high quality software; well designed, robust and dependable for industrial systems, real-time systems, and safety related systems (e.g. SIL 2).


Human Machine Interface

Our systems are backed by extensive experience throughout the field of Human Machine Interface (HMI) design.

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