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3D Visualization Bureau Service

Make your next Multi-Disciplinary Design Review ‘go with a bang’ and maximise the vital contribution of all the expensive attendees. To see the specifics of how you can benefit from “double added value” visit our 3D Visualization Bureau Service page.

We understand that you want the benefits from new developments in 3D CAD, Simulation, Immersive VR or 3D Printing but without the hassle, cost and training. Let our 3D Visualization Bureau Service bridge the gap between you and the many potential suppliers by guiding you through the plethora of options and pulling all the steps together to deliver the right visualisation solution for you, within your budget.

About Us


Our Company

Our company is built opon two decades of experience in the application of Advanced Robotic Technology to challenging problems in hazardous and unstructured environments as well as cutting edge industrial applications.

We adhere to the principles of delivering a quality service and well integrated and intuitive systems that "Just Work".

In addition to giving a good service and good value for money we also believe in doing good - by giving back to the engineering community, supporting the wider community, and giving to those less fortunate.

Supporting Engineering

We do this through our links with local universities where we provide career guidance talks and advice, as well as industrially-based lectures on robotics and remote handling. Opportunities are also sought to promote engineering as a positive choice to school age children in conjunction with links with the IET and the IMechE.

Later in 2011 we will launch a new initiative called "AskRoboDoc.com" to provide a forum for information to flow between people already in the robotics and automation community and those who want to join us. If you have expertise to offer in this field and are prepared to give a little of your time to answer questions then contact us to register your interest. Watch this space!

Supporting the Community

We support local community work with teenagers and children through a local church-based registered charity.


Giving to Others

Click here to see how we give to others and how you can receive a 10% discount!