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Making an ART out of science

3D Visualization Bureau Service

Make your next Multi-Disciplinary Design Review ‘go with a bang’ and maximise the vital contribution of all the expensive attendees. To see the specifics of how you can benefit from “double added value” visit our 3D Visualization Bureau Service page.

We understand that you want the benefits from new developments in 3D CAD, Simulation, Immersive VR or 3D Printing but without the hassle, cost and training. Let our 3D Visualization Bureau Service bridge the gap between you and the many potential suppliers by guiding you through the plethora of options and pulling all the steps together to deliver the right visualisation solution for you, within your budget.



Giving to others

We have benefited greatly from further education but this is not possible for many young people in the UK and abroad due to educational needs, physical needs, or economic or social deprivation.

Yet each of these young people still has a potential they can fulfil - with help.

To make this possible for at least a few, Advanced Robotic Technology Ltd sets aside a proportion of its profits for charitable giving and we highlight two projects in particular:

The Claire-Louise Ferris Memorial Trust Fund raises money to buy multi-sensory equipment that will offer fun and relaxation to children and young people in the UK who aren’t able to express themselves as fully as Claire-Louise could.
Meaning Princesses, Bambejja is transforming the lives of many destitute girls in the Kampala region.

So how can I get a 10% discount?

If you make a new donation to one of these charities (or another qualified charity, call for details) we will encourage your generosity by giving you 50% of this sum as a discount off of your bill (up to a maximum discount of 10% of our bill).

Help spread the good and Pay It Forwards.